A reflection of our lives in pictures

Photography has been a serious hobby of mine since high school. My first camera was a little Polaroid that produced wallet size black and white photos.  My interest translated into a couple of years working on the newspaper and yearbook staffs with a school advisor who took me under his wing, opening up his home darkroom and teaching me the craft.  Following high school, I worked summers, holidays and weekends for Zemper Studios in Howell, MI, doing lab work and shooting weddings.  In my sophmore year at Michigan State, I joined the State News and Worlverine photo staffs, earning enough to keep me in college tuition and books.  As a junior, I was named editor of the 1962 Wolverine, the MSU yearbook and continued shooting whenever I could.

My experiences led to more photo jobs, first, selling camera equipment retail at a couple of Lansing outlets.  I really got into photography as a professional at the former General Motors Division, Oldsmobile, when I was promoted to official photographer for seven years.  Hard times in the auto industry and the elimination of my post led me to other paths in GM for the rest of my 39 years with the corporation, but my jobs often allowed me to shoot photos as a supplement to my regular responsibilities.

After retiring in 2003, I was able to move beyond the occasional business support and family photos to more landscape, travel and macro photography.  Most of these albums represent that body of work.  Thank you for having an interest in my pictures.